Growing Herbs For Tea

1-2-3 Done! – Creating an Herbal Tea Garden

If you enjoy fresh herbal tea, then I have an easy project for you. Try growing your own tea garden! All you need is a nice size container, good quality potting soil, and the herb plants you want to use. I used Lemon Balm, mint, and stevia. I enjoy the flavors of lemon balm and mint, they are very soothing especially after a long day working in the garden. The stevia is an excellent substitute for sugar. Not only is it a natural sweetener that’s better for you but it’s ten to fifteen times sweeter than regular sugar.
So try planting your own herbal tea garden, you’ll be glad you did.

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  1. martysgarden

    Mine is Lemon Grass and Calendula flower, its great for the´╗┐ skin and the kidneys!


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