Growing Herbs In Pots

Herb Container Gardening For The Apartment Owner – How to have a garden without a yard

Video at HerbFest, on how to have a simple herb garden using containers. How to control the microclimate and watch your herb plants flourish., HerbFest is the longest running and largest herb plant festival in the U.S. benfitting the Graham Johnson Cultural Arts Endowment, Free educational sessions to learn interesting facts on herbs, including aromatherapy, medicinal herbs, herb crafts, cooking with herbs, gardening with herbs and how to organically garden with the natural organic herb plants and organic vegetables avialable at HerbFest .


  1. littlebugkf

    I am an apartment dweller and really am going to give it a go with this type of herb growing next spring! What is the peak time to plant and get ready for growing a good harvest of herbs?

  2. MedFaxx

    For annuals such as basil best time is generally late spring. For perennials such as rosemary, thyme, oregano then fall. This is here in climate 7A though so not sure where you are, but key is too much heat stresses, if plant annual late then frost gets. Adjust accordingly. Thnx.

  3. ElPressie

    Great info. Thank you

  4. MedFaxx

    You are welcome!! Thanks for watching.

  5. Phantomgirl1236

    Awesome info! Thanks 🙂 well you know living in Arizona were pretty much everyone’s backyards have just rocks and dry dirt it’s real hard so container growing is a great option for me. 🙂

  6. AwesomePMD

    What size pot are you using?

  7. MedFaxx

    Larger the pot then the less work for you to do and higher chance of survival as roots can spread farther for water and nutrition.

  8. MedFaxx

    generally in the warmer months especially for group of herbs known as “mediterrenean herbs”

  9. Anas M

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