Medicinal Herbs: Grow Your Own Medicine! Noreen’s Kitchen

Greetings! Here I show you some of the medicinal herbs that I plan on putting into the garden this year. I have two boxes in the garden that are in a far corner and in rather shady spots. They don’t serve me well for some veggies so I thought I would go ahead and plant some herbs. The herbs that I have chosen are mostly for medicinal purposes. I plan to make tinctures, teas and use them dried. I will go into them more in another video.


Never consume any herb unless you have researched it and know exactly what the implications are. Never use medicinal herbs or plants until you educate yourself on their uses and medicinal properties. The same is true for local wild edibles. Never eat any wild plant unless you have educated yourself or consulted a local expert.

I hope you are encouraged to get yourself some medicinal herbs and bone up on your plant knowledge!

I get all of my herb seeds from Baker Creek Seeds. They can be found at:

I use Herbs 2000 as one of my sources for herb info. They can be found here:

Happy planting!