Hanging Herb Garden

Build a Hanging Vertical Pallet Garden to Grow Food on Walls

John from http://www.growingyourgreens.com/ shares with you how you can build your own vertical pallet garden using an old shipping pallet. In this episode John goes on a field trip to Orange County Farm supply to share with you their hanging vertical garden made from an old shipping pallet. In addition, John shares with you how to deal with pests in your garden organically without the use of man made chemical poisons. In addition you will learn the most important aspect of a vegetable garden the soil and the best nutrients to add to supercharge your plant growth to grow bigger and tastier fruits and vegetables.


  1. deltangoo

    Awesome videos! Your videos have been so helpful! I couldn’t decide which juicer to buy and after watching your videos and some others, I bought the Omega VRT350 which I love. Your video on how to use it properly is really helpful too. I also watched your other videos to make compost out of the pulp. It’s cool that you respond to like everyone’s comments too. Thank you for all the useful posts John!

  2. Acr Rca

    dude if you label something as such actually show how to build it within the 1st 30 seconds, to make someone watch something for 23 minutes before actually talking about the thing you titled this for is ridiculous.

  3. Jayatissa Deweddana Gamage

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  4. djmaur

    This is the second video where I had to go all the way to the end for the information advertised in the title. Not subscribing, not viewing any more videos. Bad form.

  5. ChesterLoadstone

    I agree. Especially with all of the advertising sprinkled therein. These videos are insulting.

  6. woobieweibel

    I would really suggest NOT using pallets because the wood is chemically treated and staining the wood makes it leech out even more

  7. Dee Zee

    Boo hoo…

  8. Dee Zee

    First, Methyl Bromide (insecticide on wood shipping crates) was phased out as a fumitory chemical in 1995, but some of these pallets may still be around, so look for the symbol on crates. Most pallets in the USA have been heat-treated for foreign pests, the symbol is “IPPC“ and are safe.

  9. woobieweibel

    good to know!! I wasn’t aware they had stopped treating them chemically.
    It’s one of those things, like sugar causing hyper activity, that gets spread around and only takes one informed person to break the cycle of the myth

  10. Eychbi Eych

    Too long introduction.


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