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Ive got that home-grown happy feeling coming over me
And its been a long time coming hope its here to stay here to stay with me
So if you lose your way and you got no where to go just hold on youll be back home

You get those lonely lonely lonely lonely blues when your on your own
So all you got to do is call up on the phone no need to be alone
So if you lose your way and youve got no where to go
Just hold on youll be back on home-grown

La la la la la (la la la la la)

And we play that home-grown reggae rhythm every night and day
cause its got a groove that really makes you want to dance it makes you wanna stay
So if you lose your way and you got no where to go just hold on youll be back on homeland again

La la la la la (la la la la la) Yeah yeah

So if you feel the beat just get on your feet
Well be playing it just for you
What more can we do.

La la la la la (la la la la la)
La la la la la (la la la la la)

I got that home-grown loving
And I got that home-grown feeling
You got that home-grown loving
You I got that home-grown feeling
We play that home-grown rhythm
We play that home-grown reggae
I got that home-grown loving
I got that home-grown feeling
Woah Woah Yeah Yeah


  1. Karl Wolfgramm

    change your name to whiteshortie cause your not maori

  2. trentbusta1

    fuckn soly

  3. trentbusta1

    haha  funny eh solly deek head

  4. MrLilman1000

    mean kik bak song

  5. Mathew C

    smoken tha herb

  6. moses bro

    beating women aint part of our culture… its more the low lives and cowards that beat there women. pretty much in every culture…

  7. moses bro

    This song played straight after the All Blacks game last night at the tavern!! YYEAAAHHHH!!!! CHOOO HOOOO!!!!

  8. TheBlingz123

    such a awsum band 

  9. MrAgnot

    I miss you Mount Roskill

  10. MrDiamondCalves

    May Jah bless us all..

  11. ilai raka

    remember riding the bus after school back in the islands ….listening to this classic reggae tune!!!! thumps up all the time before and after still the hit!!!!!

  12. Ngaringa Samuels

    another song that reminds me of home nz..and all the grandads ,nannys, auntys, uncles, all partying up..tumeke!!!!

  13. Kendon Shirley

    thats not really funny; hitting women is NOT part of our culture!

  14. str8barrcuda

    reminds me of my famz in otara, dam i miss thoz feeds

  15. topazdb

    @tukuhali, where you goin with that buzz ? I totally agree with comments from Utuberine and Pisupomuncer.
    Tukuhali…. beating up any female in any culture is considered cowardly. Man up you turkey. Bloody typical comment from a coconut !!!! fm man

  16. soNic7214

    Yeehaa to my dad T.Nepia an to my beautifull unkles
    for eva HERBS

  17. MusicStudent2012

    Guys does anyone know the chords? Would be mean if we could jam to this song^ Please post the chords i’ll be so appreciative… Thanks!!! please get the chords … 🙂

  18. Phillip McConnochie

    ahah cool tune, listen was/IS a cool album.

  19. NinjahVidz

    Jah !!

  20. homerjunior17

    Now someone needs to upload the original vinyl from johnny cooper

  21. leon holme

    Once Were Warriors


    Ths Makes Me Miss Home Hard NZ Home Sweet Home

  23. william Walker

    eeew beeesh x We Dont Miss You .. Hhahaha N Y N s :p


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