Raised Bed Herb Garden

Raised Bed Herb Garden Makeover: Before and After

I makeover my 10 year old herb garden and drop a raised bed garden frame in the old space. I show you the before, after and the whole process of taking back an over grown herb garden and re-establishing it in a raised bed frame. It will provide you with some basic garden design information to use in your herb garden.


  1. Eczentric Bird

    Cool. Great video! I’m a complete novicev so please excuse my ignorance. Why do you want to attract toads?

  2. Gary Pilarchik

    Toads are a little different than frogs. If the take up homestead, they will eat slugs. Inverted pots with entrances are good for toads.

  3. Karen M

    looks great and very neat looking. Gardening is def a lot of work, but it rewards exponentially. An herb garden has to be one of the most handy type of gardens. I also have garlic chives that have spread everywhere! They are delicious, but so hard to control.

  4. Gary Pilarchik

    I went with pure garlic this fall. I planted the 2×10 with a whole row of garlic. The garlic chives just kicked my butt.

  5. verrrr1

    great tips

  6. Gary Pilarchik

    Thanks. Trying to keep them short and useful.

  7. Huan Yu

    love your youtube channel ! very helpful!! this is my first year try to plant some veggies, thank you for the help

  8. Gary Pilarchik

    Thanks! If you need help please drop your questions here or over at my blog. If I cant help you a lot of great world gardeners can. Enjoy.

  9. fuzzborg

    Love what I’ve seen so far! I’ve done a little veggie growing in the past, but I followed your instructions for a raised bed. I’m going to make a cucumber trellis today using your plan. 🙂

  10. Gary Pilarchik

    Excellent. I wish you luck. If you have questions let me know.


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