Spiral Herb Garden

Spiral Herb Garden Design.avi

Dean Chichelli from The Nature Learning Center shows how to build a Spiral Herb Garden. For detailed instructions on how to build a Spiral Herb Garden, visit The Nature Learning Center Blog at thenaturelearningcenter.com/blog


  1. sapodotroposo

    Nice work! Is the meat and fruit under the cardboard intended to attract worms and other bugs?

  2. sapodotroposo

    and what is your aproximate location? AMAZING view!!

  3. Najeeullah Alaji

    this was just an outstanding performance of love for gardening. i like

  4. naturelearningcenter

    There is no meat involved in this process. Only Fruits and Vegetables. The Fruit and Vegetables are used to break down into compost to give nutrients to the roots of the plants in the spiral garden. The cardboard also breaks down into mulch for the roots. The cardboard and wood chip mulch help keep the weeds out of the spiral.

  5. rustydog1236

    Looks nice when you made the video: What does it look like now and a year or so from now? Seems to me the straw will have compacted and sunk a LOT. Why not just fill the void with soil/compost mixture. Also, I would have installed a sprinkler on top or at least a drip hose up the ‘ramp’. Nice idea though.

  6. iKickHobbits

    One thing that I noticed is that you used cardboard boxes that had some ink logos and whatnot. I would think that over time as they decompose they would put some heavy metals into your soil. But seeing as how you have hay between them I dont forsee that affecting your herbs.

    Nice job on the garden too! I think i might try to find some urbanite and make one later on this year/next.

  7. Amy Boring

    this in amy and this is in my back yard. yay! we will be posting some more photos very soon. the basil is off the charts awesome and a rouge tomato bush has grown from underneath producing more tomatoes than any of of our other tomato plants at the moment. peppers, parsley, rosemary, and lemon grass are thriving. dean will be able to give a more detailed description since he is the legit green thumb around here.

  8. Amy Boring

    thank you so much!

  9. Amy Boring

    thanks. north county san diego - amy

  10. malayrojak



    I gotta say I envy the view you have in your backyard.

    Thanks for sharing! 🙂


  11. William Baker Morrison

    why is it you use straw as the base, rather than just compost?
    I understand it will break down eventually and give good drainage.
    Is it climate specific?

  12. Jean-Yves Mailhot

    Super Merci

  13. Tatooinedragracer

    All the ink on the cardboard is toxic. Instead of putting the fruit on the ground and wasting food, eat the fruit and then put just skins on the ground. Doesn’t the cardboard on the bottom prevent adequate drainage?

  14. MsTbone57

    Love it! thanks for sharing your method!!

  15. 39Thorns

    Perfect video! No “blah,blah blah” with your face, just clear, informative and interesting. The view from your place is beautiful, where is it?

  16. justgivemethetruth

    Ingenious… love that you used nothing to “glue” the bricks together, easy on the land and on the eye!

    Do the plants sink down into the straw after a while or is that expected and you just put other plants over them? What a great idea. What all did you plant, and how did it work out?

  17. PJ D

    That is fablous, what a great idea! I’m itchin to get started!

  18. jaasub22

    Beautiful work, I’m curious how are the results on a long term basis, how does a mature plant look on your spiral garden? I would like to try this with my kids. About how many bricks do I need to complete a project like this one?

  19. Missy Rabbit

    are the bricks mortared?

  20. SleepyCatFarm

    great video, thanks!


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