Hydroponic Herb Garden

How To Build A Windowsill Hydroponic Herb Garden (Part 1 of 2)

Part 2 link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZTp6DLDV3UQ

In this video I show step by step how to build a small windowsill deep water culture herb garden for 8 plants. I also show what nutrients I use and the amount of nutreint to add.

Here is the link to the templates I used in this video for free download:


  1. homusalonus

    Nice job bro, I’m thinking about doing this on a huge scale outdoors next year. Nothing seems to grow in my crappy clay filled yard so hydro seems like a good alternative. As for your Rosemary you may want to try germinating them in slightly drier substrate and prop them up on a couple of stones out of contact with water. As long as the humidity is 80%+ those precious feeder roots will be more than happy! Happy growing dude.

  2. thesunsetreptiles

    you shouldn’t hot glue that air stone to the bottom because they don’t last for ever and you have to replace it sooner or later.

  3. SleestaksRule

    It comes off really easy and clean. I started using the smaller stones and throw them away after each use.

  4. MPeasant

    dnt lift the top drill a hole near the botton one side with sum sort of pipe attached up right on a connectin pipe goin into the tub and when u need to empty unclip the pipe and point it down into a bucket to empty make a small hole on top make a flap u can shimmy side to side and fill up that way

  5. james munch

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  9. Olivia D McKenzie


  10. Korina42

    Great video, thanks for the info. A very simple way to get all the rosemary you could want is to buy a bunch at the grocery store and root them like the cuttings they are. Of course, rosemary is a good-sized shrub, so you’re better off sticking with the herbaceous plants.

  11. Mike Anthony

    Great video and your a guitar player looking at your fender hoodie just like me, musicians are smart!

  12. Dr. Scanderson gT

    Great video, excellent recommendation fit for attorneys 🙂

  13. mechreports1

    i got an idea if you have a fish pond you could use the water from that as you will have some nutrients from the fish waste in there 🙂 just an idea i will probly work on that way is kinda aquaponics with the fish in a different tank that will not cause any amonia to build up as i wont put the water back into the pond then you get nutrient rich water still as the pond water has been in there for a while so the nutrients build up then i will change water every week or so… sound like a plan?

  14. niburu2012

    does the plastic type matters? some plastics leaching chemicals isn’t it? wouldn’t glass be the best?

  15. englandinacan

    Best way to do aquaponics is to set up the hydro system right next to your fish pond. Set up a line straight from the output of your pond filter (you need to avoid sediment) to an NFT system. Square PVC pipe on a slight angle. Net pots placed into the pipe. Line from filter goes in the taller end, other end pours straight back into the pond.

    The airstones in the fish tank aerate everything,

    It works really well, but you can only grow plants that LOVE nitrogen and the same ph as your fish.

  16. mechreports1

    nice one sounds alot more expensive though :/

  17. Leslie J. Colon

    Thanks a lot for your video.
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