Growing Chamomile

Growing Camomile from Camomile Teabags! :O

Excuse my eczema covered eyelids…I’m having a flare up…anyway I’m gonna show you how to grow camomile from camomile teabags-because the teabags actually contain viable seeds and there are many inside each bag…I’ve been doing it for years 🙂


  1. 009613135177

    you have to upload another video showing how it grow up after seeding Regards

  2. Marketa Kalasova

    Thanks for the tip Victoria. Please post more videos what to do with seedlings. I already have a few and don’t know what to do with them now. They are about 2 inch tall.
    As for your eczema on the eyelids….I used to have it too. Got rid of it by detoxifying kidneys and liver with herbal teas. Also, eliminated the most stressful situations from my life by changing my attitude/approach to it and my eyelids are fine since then.

  3. Victoria Melia

    Funny you mention the eczema cure, because I am currently in the process of doing all of the things you said, and now that someone else has done it I feel that it may be correct lol. My eczema is already not as bad as it used to be!
    What seedlings do you have currently? I have got chillies to move on next, so that will be a video, and got herbs to pot on too among many, many things to sow XD, exciting times!

  4. Marketa Kalasova

    I have chamomile seedlings about 2 inch tall, tomatoes, strawberries (the type that is very tiny), basil, lavender. Actually, lavender hasn’t germinated yet even though it has been 3 weeks. I think it needs higher temperature or less water. Or more time. 🙂 YES, you are right, it’s very exciting. I have a good size balcony with lots of sun during summer so can’t wait to see it all there. It’s the first time I am growing plants from seeds. Love it. I just wish this winter was gone.

  5. Victoria Melia

    Have you stratified your lavendar seed before sowing? You need to break their dormancy with cold, basically some plants need cold temperatures for a while before they ‘wake up’, much like a human whose been sleeping and takes a cold shower to wake themseves up…so even if you refrigerated them for a week or two and then let them sit out on a windowsill…just put the whoe pot of seeds you planted in the fridge-I have done this with my own lavendar and she is glorious in her full glory 🙂

  6. Victoria Melia

    Although most of the time the stratification time will be dependant on the age of the seed too, because I’ve had older seed need freezing before and young seed which needed nothing, which I actually did as part of an experiment. Are your small strawberries wild ones by any chance?

  7. Marketa Kalasova

    No, I haven’t stratified my lavender seeds. Will give it a try. Thanks a lot. As for the small strawberries I have – they are not wild ones. It is called Rujana. In latin – Fragaria vesca semperflorens.

  8. bondsan

    tesco’s home brand of herbal tea’s 🙂
    have you tried tesco’s red berry tea ?

    it’s the dog’s bollox !


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