Growing Chives

Growing chives – 3 day time lapse

I always thought the chives I grow on the windowsill grow back at an extraordinary rate and wanted to attempt my first bit of time lapse photography to investigate just how quickly they grew.

Shot with a Canon EOS 40D and a 50mm f/1.8 II lens and using the EOS Utility on my laptop to run the shooting. The shots span for exactly three days, starting at 20:44 on a Monday, finishing at 20:44 on a Thursday. The shots were taken at two-minute intervals. 2,132 images in total. (I know the maths doesn’t quite add up, but that’s how many images there were!)

Theoretically, every second of this video roughly equals an hour.

Naturally, through the night the area would need to be lit. A pretty basic setup of a desk lamp and a small spotlight clipped to the tripod was used.

The shots were taken in aperture priority, at f/4.0, ISO100 with auto white balance, due to the obvious changing light. Obviously I’d prefer the depth of field to be unchanged during the process rather than the shutter speed. Shutter speeds ranged from 0.3 s to 1/400 s. The tripod and no visible movement meant 0.3 seconds wasn’t an issue.

Music: Stonevalley “Relative” (Gorm Sørensen Remix)

To find out more about Gorm’s work, have a look at his website:


  1. hassman789


  2. Jason Anderson

    What’s the music in the background?

  3. martynhoyer

    It’s in the description!

  4. Danny Nguyen

    when you cut them again, do you cut on the same spot where you previously did or above/below it?

  5. Younderlyn shane

    that was really a cool ideal. great work and thanks for sharing. Now you either have some powerful rechargeable batteries or your camera is plugged into wall outlet. you can actually see them growing. have you done this with anything else?

  6. juduskrinkle

    How often do you water them?


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