Growing Comfrey

Growing Comfrey with Cath Manuel

Growing, removing and potting comfrey and the benefits to you and your garden.


  1. KidsArtAustralia

    Great Video, full of really useful information, I cant wait to see the next video tutorial.

  2. GAZ MAN

    Hi Cath thanks for Great Video’s, what is the latest you would divide a comfrey before winter.

  3. John Obremski do u grow how about how do u get rid of takes over garden and throwing pulled up plants on gravel drive way..they started to grow there and spread

  4. jvrt64

    Hi Cath, thank you so much for your films, they give extremely clear and precise instructions which for a novice like me is wonderful.
    Here in the UK I have a small allotment and unfortunately I have no comfrey although it is plentiful in other areas of the plot.
    Can comfrey be propagated from a stem cutting or can it only be done the way you have explained by dividing the root?
    Any advice you can give would be greatly appreciated.

    Kind regards, John from sunny Stratford upon Avon.

  5. Cath Manuel

    Hi John, thanks for your lovely comment. Comfrey grows best from pieces of the root and will even grow from just the root cutting, without leaves. It’s a very vigorous plant, so will grow fine from small pieces of the roots, ensure there are small fibrous roots attached as these will grow once planted. Dont over water the pieces as they can sometimes rot and if you’re in warm months now it’s a good time to grow. If you need more info please message back !! happy growing, Cath.

  6. Cath Manuel

    Ok good point John !! Yes Comfrey grows incredible well, but I use mine as an amazing soil improver and garden resource so I’m continually cutting it back and chopping it into soil. You can remove it with a good maddock, just give it a good go !! Happy digging…LOL, Cath.

  7. Cath Manuel

    I’m so sorry, I just noticed that I didn’t reply to your message Gary. It depends on your location as to when to divide. As I’m in a subtropical climate I would divide late Autumn and then again very early Spring as we have a short and mild winter. If you winters are very cold wait until the temps rise and new growth will occur. Happy growing, Cath.

  8. Andreea Rebecca

    Useful information and very good presentation! Thank u Cath Manuel!

  9. happybuddyperson

    If you dig Comfrey, expect to have the root break and the plant grow back. This is a good thing.

  10. happybuddyperson

    Also, if you plant Comfrey in a spot that is too hot and it appears to wilt and die, just leave it be and it WILL come back full force. It is a tough plant.

  11. Cynthia Mccrea

    I have thought this was a weed for years and cut it down.

    Now I know better.

  12. chestypants78

    I dug up one of my comfrey plants, and cut a long section of root off it. I then cut that root into 2″ pieces. I have 7 comfrey plants growing now in toilet roll inserts. This method is slightly different than the one in this video and would produce more plants. Thanks for the video.

  13. Myles Adams

    i haven’t even worried about poting it i have found it just grows anywhere from crown cuttings and our soil here isn’t the best either 🙂

  14. twerp antine

    make sure you get the common comfrey and nit the Russian comfrey (which is the most common in uk) the Russian comfrey doesn’t have anywhere near the medicinal qualities of common herbal medicine Russian comfrey is not used.the best way to tell the difference is Russian comfrey has purple flowers, common comfrey has very light pink flowers


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