Growing Lavander

A Guide to Lavender : Growing Lavender

To grow lavender, provide full sun, plenty of water and lots of room to grow. Start growing lavender with tips from a lavender farmer in this free video on growing herbs.

Expert: Sarah Bader
Bio: Sarah Bader started Lavender at Stonegate, a lavender farm, with a love of lavender and a lot of determination.
Filmmaker: Demand Media


  1. LebannersHook

    i cant imagine that it would be that different now im no expert but i grew bonsai trees the way to keep them small is to keep them in a small pot and trim the root ball so it stays the same height with lavender you probly need a good size pot so the roots have room to grow.big pot.lots of sun, lose soil,well drained soil, not to much water drought tollerable does not need much fertalizer I will be back after my trails and errors Good luck

  2. LebannersHook

    also what she said soak and dry soak and dry water your plants like normal but lavender hold back a half day till the soil is dry they preffer dry soil

  3. tbalfo

    Thanks, this was really helpful!

  4. WarriorRadio

    Wow! That was a great video! I think you covered everything :o) Thanks so much for sharing!

  5. SirLadyJane

    i have three different lavenders. not sure what kind because the tag says a name and online it shows somthing different. anyways do you have an email i can cantact you? or can anyone help me? i need to repot… and learn about pruning.

  6. 0987654321libra


  7. spiralisedcat

    soak and let dry 🙂 In my case i forget to water and then remember,workd for me hehe

  8. snorydr1978

    I wish we could grow them to year three here. I’m jealous!

  9. EncinoMom Magazine

    Thanks SO much for the info!

  10. world4i

    outstanding tutorial

  11. VisionForum1

    We love lavender and use it in essential oils all the time. great vid

  12. 27106204

    @expertvillage You also need altitude. 1600 feet minimum for real lavender. Lavendin will grow over 1000 feet.

  13. mattavina

    here’s how you grow lavner. Lavner, lavner lavner

  14. 2reasons

    I learned more from this than eHow

  15. om ma

    7 planet kindness

  16. kittystylemeow

    Ill keep my lavender nice and tight if you keep your pink nice and tight ;*

  17. Litstick Candles

    NIce video.. In India also many farm process Lavender crop in northern part.. you see the range at It is pure lavender oil of Kashmir

  18. EliteAmmunition

    How well do they winter and can you let it get a little woody so you can espalier it?

  19. Hailyn Michaelson

    Do you think they will fair well in clay type soil?

  20. Rya18260

    Clay is pretty hard to grow anything in. You have to add other soils out the wazzoo

  21. desdepuertorico

    What is Ph? how do i know is low or high?

  22. flowingheartWELOVETHEUNIVERSE!

    jewish charisma and jewish mysticism (shy return of an ancient good – rabbi fleming gmilut hasidim)


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