Growing Mint

How to Grow Mint in a Container to Keep it from Spreading

John from shows you how he plants mint to help prevent it from spreading when grown inside a container in his raised bed vegetable garden. In this episode you will learn the advantages of growing mint in a raised bed or a container as well as how to easily propagate mint.


  1. Mrdute12

    When cutting Mint to use do u cut whole sections branches and all or do you just snip off the leaves

  2. Mrdute12

    What’s the name of that watering wand

  3. NEHA K

    my mint stems always die 🙁

  4. Orozconleche

    Try putting the cuttings in a water container on a shaded place, change the water every day or two, it will start to grow roots after it has some nice roots not many plant it on some soil on a shaded area, this will work at best if not then try planintin it in soil but keep the soil moist and warm

  5. camfay77

    Great vid, thanks.

  6. cpTiger275cp

    Great clear vid. If i left mint out over winter will the mint still be ok when it gets warmer again?

  7. msslynne1

    The’mintmother’I have in my garden-and I always keep her seperate in the garden but her off shoots are my ‘fresh mint’-from her main plant I give way starts-my granny had part of this plant 50yrs ago, she gave a start to my mom (both women have passed on now)who gave a start to my sis, then myself and now my starts go to my kids. I findmint does great in PacificNorthwest even in our coldest freezes I never do anything to winter these. I snip it and stick it straight inthe ground,not in water.

  8. south32M4E

    I need HELP with my mint, i just started to growing but i only found one kind of mint and i don`t know witch one is (i would send pic to anyone who know about plants). I checked on wikipedia but many mint look alike (bcz i`m noob)…

    growingyourgreens amazing videos i hope you will se this question. TY

  9. wheredidileavemycell

    COTTON CANDY MINT???? You sir just made my day

  10. VerucaPumpkin

    Look at your puppy :) AWE.

  11. NazarethoNL12

    As an odontology student Im too broke and too busy to practice the hobbies i used to have and growing plants has become a very nice and cheap entertainment. This guys knows his stuff and his vids are very helpfull, thank you john, Like+

  12. Jose Gonzalez

    Cotton candy mint Is agastache or hyssop nickname, I don’t think it’s edible. 

  13. Array Babe

    I grow several kinds of mint, including chocolate mint (yuuuuum) spearmint, sweetmint and peppermint. I am a mint tea addict. I will be happy to help you out if i can.

  14. lhawkes5

    I love mint and planted it for the first time ever just the other day. I had no idea about the wonderful world of mint. Thanks for the great video, time to of replant!

  15. Ivan Dimov

    If i put chocolate mint in my fish pond, will it invade the pond without dirt? I have 5 goldfish in there, so i think it would work like hydrophonics.

  16. Array Babe

    Hey John, thank you sooo much for the tip on asking your local store for 5 gallon food-grade buckets! I have been having problems with my tomatoes not liking the heat/sun we are experiencing right now, but didnt have any ceramics large enough for them. Went to Food Lion to do my regular grocery shopping and asked if they had any buckets. Ta da, now my tomatoes are happy and growing like crazy and I can manually move them into the sun/ shade as needed!!!

  17. Array Babe

    You need to be careful of the runners. My chocolate mint lets out a great deal of runners and they can get very long. It is likely to spread a great distance away from the pond in no time if you don’t keep a good eye on it.


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