Growing Parsley

How to Grow Parsley in the Garden Pots Containers and Patios

How to Grow Parsley in the Garden Pots Containers and Patios Come with Marty as he shows you all the benefits for growing Parsley and how to grow it at home in the garden, pots, containers or on the patio.
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  1. bigshot00789

    So you say it takes 6 weeks to germinate?!

  2. martysgarden

    Yes, it is very slow to germinate. If you are in no rush, then give it a go. I find that it’s quite cheap to buy, saves more time and transplants easily! Happy Gardening Marty!

  3. martysgarden

    Your welcome, I glad you benefited from it! Cheers Marty

  4. superslyfoxx1

    Great informative video! Very nice

  5. martysgarden

    Thanks, I really appreciate the comment provided. Please subscribe as I keep them coming often.

  6. martysgarden

    Your welcome I do my best to get good informative content out there.

  7. meo80

    Great video, over at my mums place they grow like crazy over 3 square meters and she still complains she wants more. She does go through alot of it though being middle eastern. Same with the mint, constantly drying them out in the sun to use in the salads.

  8. martysgarden

    Thats great,,,fresh herbs add so much flavour to all types of dishes. Thanks for the comment Marty!

  9. Carole Allen

    Thank you Marty, it was very helpful!

  10. martysgarden

    Your welcome. I hope you are learning plenty from all my videos.
    Happy Gardening

  11. deethertan2000

    How many weeks after, before you can harvest parsley?

  12. martysgarden

    Thanks for the question. If you only have a small seedling and growing conditions are right, you would look at about a month before you could start harvesting. Best to have a 3 plants if you have a large family!

  13. Aaron Wright

    loving your videos Marty! Greetings from Dorset in England 😀

    My brother and I are hoping to go to college ins September to do Horticulture and when we pass to make a business together 🙂 I am finding your videos really interesting 🙂

  14. martysgarden

    Thanks Aaron, yes I have worked in the hort industry most of my life, it’s very rewarding. Good luck and keep the passion.

  15. Stealth Apache

    Greetings from Greece.Congratulations, very nice video.I use
    a different method (they are many ways).But basically the
    principles are the same.Great video.

  16. derrik tie

    knuckle head english you didnt tell us what size pots we are suppose to use

  17. Jawad Hindi

    Great video mate….well done….

  18. martysgarden

    Thanks, glad you like it.

  19. Thaneii

    Thanks, mate. I learned more from your one video than I did from 1/2 others.  The fact that they prefer morning sun in hot climates was surprising to me. How little I know…


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