Growing Sage

Three Minute Garden Tips: Growing Sage Indoors from Seeds to Transplants: The Rusted Garden 2013

See how to plant sage indoors from seeding to transplant container. You will see 7 weeks of growth and how to transplant them into containers. All the steps needed to get outstanding inexpensive herb transplants ready for your garden. Sage can be used in your perennial beds too!

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  1. Gary Pilarchik

    Thanks. Please spread the word. And if you keyword search my youtube channel youll find one on planting 7 kinds of basil.

  2. Gary Pilarchik

    Excellent. It is a great herb and perennial.

  3. peppergrower44

    I moved and basically a tree that the leaves smell like strong bubblegum is growing in the back it seems Luke Basil

  4. peppergrower44

    Like Basil but Idk what it is

  5. Gary Pilarchik

    Do you know what kind of tree it is?

  6. peppergrower44

    it seems like basil but i dont know if basil could grow that big and woody the stem is wood and the flowers gave me alot of seeds the look just like basil seed. is there a type of bubblegum basil? the leaves are tasty

  7. Gary Pilarchik

    Hmm. Dont know. There is shrub like form of basil with woody stems. But I dont know much about it.

  8. kennedychristopher23

    Howcome mine r taking forever and the stem is skinny the plant just keeps getting taller

  9. Gary Pilarchik

    How high are the lights. Or how much sun is it getting. Sounds like not enough light so they get ‘leggy’. Stem grows long and skinny.

  10. Ahmad Noor Haqimi

    HI…thanks ,this video really2 help me..i just sowed the seeds today..wish me luck…

  11. Gary Pilarchik

    Good Luck. It should work out great.

  12. kennedychristopher23

    Thank you but I realized its not sage thank you

  13. Gary Pilarchik

    What? It is common sage? Does it look like something different to you? The seed pack is in the video. Im just curious to what you meant.

  14. kennedychristopher23

    It’s thyme

  15. Sask321

    Hey, I just planted some sage in actually the same small containers that you have there in the video! I was wondering if I can put them outside for the summer and then bring them inside for winter? Would that work? I live here in Canada it gets real cold in the winter! If I left it outside in the garden would it go to seed and then grow back next spring, or just die and not grow back? Thanks for the reply in advance!

  16. Gary Pilarchik

    I don’t know. Mine survive winter in zone 7. I take it zone 5 freezes out yours. They are perennials and the roots can take cold. Some of my plants are 10 years old. I haven’t had the reseed that easily. The woody stock above ground survives too. WIsh I could be more help.

  17. dog bailey

    how do u get the seeds

  18. Gary Pilarchik

    standard buy at place like Walmart and Home Depot.

  19. Andrea Banda

    I already have sage plant, but I’d like to know how to reproduce it, do you know how?

  20. draconic33

    Currently I’m experimenting with an indoor set-up, hydrogel based hydroponic using a regular flush of nutrient-rich water. I use a type of super-absorbent polymer for a sort of “soil replacement”.

    Currently this is just an experiment, but still I need to ask, do certain plants just -require- soil? For seeds/seedlings I have set up a row of small containers that I put a mix of hydrogel in, then top it with porous cloth for water to transmit.
    Is this detrimental for sage growth?


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