Growing Thyme

Growing and Using Thyme

How to propagate or multiply thyme from root divisions and rooting cuttings. How to root cuttings in water. How to plant thyme, harvest thyme and cook with thyme.


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    thyme is delicious! come to my channel and check out my little garden i have. maybe subscribe when you get there ­čÖé i subbed´╗┐ you and hope to see some great updates! have a great day!

  2. kbgrowkid420

    love lemon thyme. smells´╗┐ so good

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    LIKE #7 my new friend!´╗┐ LOVE this vid and information! It’s a pleasure to be in your company! sincerely~ wagnercite2012 ( Wagner )

  4. ExpGardener

    Thank´╗┐ you.

  5. ExpGardener

    Yes,´╗┐ lemon thyme has a wonderful, fresh scent.

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    nice videos´╗┐

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    Can you cook for´╗┐ me? ­čÖé Awesome video!

  10. Elknut75

    Great video, all the way from´╗┐ cutting to cooking.

  11. StopListenThink

    very good´╗┐ and thank you for sharing your video with me ­čÖé

  12. Juicer Depot

    I just bought a thyme plant for the´╗┐ first time. Can’t wait to use it for cooking. Thanks for all your tips since I am new at growing it.

  13. prairiepatch

    This was an amazingly helpful and enjoyable video. I don’t think you left anything out. I now feel like I am an expert on thyme. Thank you for the wonderful video. I’m going to´╗┐ go and watch more of your videos. Thank you.

  14. ExpGardener

    Thank you very´╗┐ much.

  15. Gehenna71

    Why you let it root in water? If doing so the plant will develop roots but those roots are not suitable for soil. After potting the thyme the plant will need to develop new soil suitable roots. I plant them directly in rooting soil (I´╗┐ used cocopeat this year and happy with it) First dip the tip in water, shake off, dip in rooting powder and put in moist soil. Cover the pot with plastic transparent bag to keep moist ….>

  16. Gehenna71

    I use transparent drinking cups from vending machines and put them in a propagator with vent hols. It is nice to see the roots develop in the cup. Try it out ­čÖé ´╗┐ You’ll need to make a hole in the bottom of the cup.

  17. Marc North

    Thyme is one´╗┐ of my favourite herbs and one of the first I ever grew (from seed). But still I learnt something new from watching your video. In Australia where I now live (after New Zealand) our Thyme here doesn’t grow as big as yours because of the poor soil etc. But enjoyed watching your videos. Thank you for posting.


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